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Use our website to search members by specialty or location. It's easy to search and find top-rated professionals.

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After searching for members, compare specialties, reviews, and full profiles of each member on our website.

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Contact members to make an appointment or if you like for more information. Our members are always happy to hear from you! If you create a general (client) account you can join our Community. It's free! and it allows you to see content for Members only, private chat with Members and give reviews.

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Our Mission

We believe that it should be more easy to find spiritual guidance in this world. There is not much out there to help people find their way. And what if you have found a Medium or Healer near you? Where can you read about people's honest experiences with them? If you have never consulted a Medium or Healer where do you start? 

Well, you start here. We don't make money from the services of the Healers, Mediums and Psychics. You are not calling through our website we only list the number. We just make it possible for you to find them. We only charge the service providers (Mediums, Healers and Psychics) for being listed on this site and using its options to post their own material. And even for the service providers there is a Free Account option to get listed. We believe that quality will stand out in time due to client reviews and experience. 

We hope that in time this community will grow and grow with both service providers (Mediums, Healers and Psychics) as well as general Members (Clients). Nowadays you don't have to look for a Medium or Healer in your own neighborhood. Readings as well as healing can easily be done online. So, you have a worldwide choice of Healers, Psychics and Mediums. Search Globally or find Locally. The choice is yours.

Why become a member?

General membership for clients is free and this will remain that way. When you are a member you can see content that non-members can't see, chat directly with other members and you are able to give a public review of the Healer, Psychic or Medium you have been to. Let yourself be inspired by content that our Members post: articles, discussions, Sound Cloud recordings, podcasts, photo's etc. General User Accounts for Clients are not visible in the search results. Go to the Member login page to sign up as a client.

Who are we here for?

We aim to bring clients and Mediums, Healers and Psychics together. So we are there for both clients as service providers. 

This Community is a spiritual Community. That means we strive for Healing always. That also means that we won't tolerate disrespectful behavior or discrimination.  We monitor our Community but we can't be everywhere at the same time. If you come across content that you believe should be removed please let us know.